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About – Since 1927, Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre has provided empowering educational programming for residents of Little Burgundy from birth through adulthood. Programs range from early literacy programs for 0 to 5 year olds to life skills training for adults. Our aim is to ensure that each member of our community has the opportunity and skills needed to realize their potential.

Our mission is:

To empower the community of Little Burgundy by offering programs designed to promote self-reliance, mutual aid and fulfillment through education, cultural, social, employment and recreational programs, providing individuals and families with encouragement, tools, opportunities and support

To help develop the community of Little Burgundy and to work with community partners to enhance the cultural, social, economic and environmental well-being of the community.

To be a presence to the community of Little Burgundy and accompany its people through their struggles and successes.

Involvement in Le Salon 1861 – Right from the get go, Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre has been a strong supporter of Salon 1861. We see the development of this organization as real gift to our community and are looking forward to partnering with Salon 1861 in many ways. Here are some of our first initiatives:

Tyndale St-Georges is preparing a volunteer guidebook and tracking system for the tenants of Salon 1861 in order to help facilitate the mandatory volunteer hours in each lease agreement.

Salon 1861 has offered to let us use space in the church for one of our events.

Salon 1861 is open to partnering with our programs, this includes opportunities such as letting our young people plan a community event in the Salon space and partnering with our Adult Development Department to offer workshops on employment to the wider Little Burgundy community.

The staff involved with Salon 1861 have also started gathering gently used professional clothing for Tyndale St-Georges’ clothing boutique for people entering or getting back into the workforce. They have also gathered brand new kids shoes for our After School Program.

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