Startup Canada #EveryEntrepreneur

Startup Canada #EveryEntrepreneur

Le Salon 1861 is the proud recipient of the Startup Canada Social Enterprise Award for Entrepreneur-led Businesses Demonstrating Excellence. It was presented by the Centre for Social Innovation at the 2016 Startup Canada Awards. The Quebec region of the community gathered in Montreal on Oct. 4 for the ceremony and reception.

“This award is for the universities, community groups, big businesses, startups and citizens, the ones who persevered and continued to enrich Le Salon 1861 with their brilliance and initiative. It’s not easy being the first up to bat trying to change an industry, but eventually you hit a homerun!” said Natalie Voland, Gestion Immobilière Quo Vadis.

Le Salon 1861 was in good company. Other winners in the category included Kinova Robotics, iBIONICS, and Breather.

The Startup Canada Awards were established to recognize excellence in Canadian entrepreneurship. They are divided into six regions: British Columbia, Ontario, the Prairies, Quebec, the Atlantic, and the North–their newest region. Le Salon 1861 will be pushed forward to the National Adjudication Committee where it will be considered for a national award.

Over 50 of the country’s leading entrepreneurs have been named winners of the regional awards this year. The remaining ceremonies will be held in Vancouver and Edmonton later this month. The awards will culminate in November with a red carpet Grand Finale in Toronto celebrating the national winners.

Startup Canada’s goals are not only to celebrate and raise awareness of great entrepreneurship, but also to incentivize the industry to reach even higher.

“Startup Canada Award winners and runners-up are architects of a better future for Canada for entrepreneurs,” said Victoria Lennox, CEO of Startup Canada.

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