DESTA - Masquerade Gala

For the past decade the state of Black youth has been on a steady decline. Research shows that Black youth experience substantially higher rates of poverty, high school incompletion, unemployment, underemployment, and incarceration. Young people represent nearly half of the Black community in Montreal and leaving these issues unaddressed will have serious, crippling implications for our future.

Recognising the urgent need for change, DESTA Black Youth Network has been engaging in community work, addressing the multiple and mounting challenges that Black youth in Montreal face. DESTA (Dare Every Soul To Achieve) is a not-for- profit, community-based, organization that has been serving at-risk and marginalized youth between the ages of 18 and 25 in the Greater Montreal Area for the past 10 years. DESTA works with hundreds of young adults, providing comprehensive and concrete support in the areas of education, health and personal development, housing, employability and advocacy. However, due to a lack of sustainable funds, DESTA is at risk of shutting its doors and needs your support in order to continue this important work.

Join DESTA for cocktails, food and entertainment provided by local allies of diversity as part of the KEEP DESTA ALIVE campaign in partnership with Le Salon 1861, RBC, Tuck Shop and Drinkerie.

With your help we want to…
1.Increase interest in learning and school attendance.
2. Decrease the rate of high school in completion among, primarily but not exclusively, Black youth.
3. Lower the recidivism rate among previously incarcerated youth.
4. Improve mental, emotional and physical well being among our participants and increase access to public mental health services.